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Learn what’s needed to reach your potential

Marius Massie’s life skills program is a collection of timeless principles he learned and applied to conquer personal challenges and realize more fully his potential.

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Students learn what they need to actually succeed; adults find their focus and get more out of life; parents and guardians build relationship and learn with their teenage or preadolescent child; teachers build social emotional learning skills with power; colleges and universities help keep students on-track to graduate; high school, collegiate, and professional sports teams help keep players on the field and out of trouble; juvenile corrections and youth intervention programs keep kids off the street and doing something productive for their futures.

The Curriculum

  • Each session is specifically designed to integrate interactive activities, reflection, critical thinking, and real-world application to foster knowledge retention and to enhance the learning experience.
  • Program provides opportunities for research and incorporates electronic media to keep participants engaged.
  • Is flexible enough to be used effectively in one-to-one and small group mentoring sessions at home, in school, or in youth group.
  • Modules cover the following topics for self-discovery or group work: motivation, critical analysis, relationships, career, communication, life and action, civic engagement, finances, and leadership.

Advanced Features

  • Customized approach to life-skills reaching audiences with a wide variety of needs.
  • Powerful unrestrictive principles that allow each participant’s unique experiences to shine through.
  • Up to 27 hours of thought-provoking content.
  • Program sessions can be scheduled in a variety of ways (e.g., weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) in order to make planning easy.

An Incredible Tool

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Now You Can Start

One User License – $197

Modules come in PDF format in a .ZIP file you can download after purchase.  Print or fill-out electronically.

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