Human Behavior Matrix™ (HB-X) for Emotional and Relational Hope and Advancement


Impossible made easy.

The HB-X comes as a .zip file you can download after purchase. It includes:

  1. Marius’ emotional health protocol to get over serious barriers to your emotional and relational goals.
  2. A sample for both spiritual and organizational conflicts that might arise. See how it works before you start the process (with qualified help).
  3. An Affirmations Board where you can record and refer later to new affirmations designed to uproot previously held underlying beliefs limiting your ability to respond to conflict in a relationship-saving manner.

You don’t have to remain the same. Get it now. Complete and save multiple times to address triggers hindering your potential.

Files are opened using Microsoft Word. © 2015 Marius Massie Enterprises. All rights reserved. Private use only. Contents may not be manipulated, changed, or edited in any way. Distribution is prohibited. 




“It will improve my current relationships, and I will be able to really discover the events and words and people that have had a negative impact in my life. It’s not about being everyone’s therapist, but about being more empathetic and sympathetic. I think this will help me to be a better mom, and that means a lot to me.”
–Yzolde Chepokas, Teacher, Eden Prairie, MN


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