Industrial Leadership Training

Be a change agent wherever you are in the organization.
Get tools to be adaptive in today’s marketplace.

Radical Advancement

Improve your ability to do what you do better.


Duplicate Success

Get systems and protocols to reproduce positive change.


Unparalleled Greatness

Show what others have rarely seen.

Packages and Pricing

For a limited time, these packages are being offered at 50% of their normal cost. Take advantage of this introductory pricing through 2017!

The Power of Vision Guide

Career Exploration for the Adventurous
  • Superlative Strengths-Finding Protocol You Can Use Right Away in Your Profession and Private Life
  • Get Started by Choosing the Right Career According to Your Greatest Interests and Passions (We’ll Help You Discover Them!)
  • Avoid Paying Overboard for Training and Advanced Learning You Don’t Need
  • Feel Great You’re Set Up for Longer-Term Success
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The Power of Vision EL-SX (Enterprise Launch Sequence)™

Get Your Personal Advancement Plan Accomplished Right Now
  • Determine Your Ideal Outcome
  • Figure Out Pivotal Activities to Keep You Fueled and Motivated
  • Find Out What Keeps You Performing at a Higher-Level Longer
  • Create Personal Values
  • Develop a Personal Slogan and Change Statement to Help You Stay Focused and Powered Up
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THE COM (Cognitive Order Matrix)™

Get a Leg Up on Conflict
  • Set Up Difficult Conversations
  • Stay Focused on the Highest Leverage Issues
  • Stay Adaptive and Deescalate Tension
  • Develop a Plan Based on Factual Evidence Rather Than Feelings
  • Restore Hope Reconciliation Can Occur
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If You Want On-Site Training or Coaching

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want a lunch-and-learn, full-day, or half-day seminar. I am happy to accommodate your training and development needs!

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