We have to do something to matter

We can’t stand on the sidelines and make people come to us. We are among you: feeling your pain, understanding your challenges, and helping you shape authentic vision so you can see a better result. We don’t stop there. In turn, we employ powerful community movement pieces to help ensure you can transform culture from one person to many.







What We Offer


To create a multi-tiered business facilitating mental, emotional, spiritual, and relationship well-being and productivity at home and in the workplace for teens, young adult professionals, and business owners.


To see emotionally intelligent teens, young adult professionals, and business owners winning in previously hindered areas of personal, relational, spiritual, and self-actualized potential.

Current Objectives

  • Develop models practical to overcoming specific challenges involving individual and group capacity at home, in school, or at work.
  • Partner with other professionals to form a consortium to deal with higher-level challenges at the organizational level in school districts, small businesses, and government.
To shatter previously held notions of personal capacity and raise our individual and partnered outputs resulting in higher standards, strategic excellence, and better quality of life.
  • Partnership – we can’t do it alone; we need your expertise too to build legendary results.
  • Diversity – we know its strength to create equitable results.
  • Persistence – we exhibit emotional capacity to face daunting challenges and advocate for change.
  • Boldness – we say what needs to be said, but with grace.
  • Superior service – we deliver because our clients matter.
  • Parents 60%
  • Business Owners 40%

“Upward 4 Life is the resolution for workforce transformation.”

–You, the Business Owner

“21st century leadership is here.”

–You, the Parent

Our Work Flow


Start with our TEAM. We have professionals dedicated to seeing “whole person” results at the individual and group level. Activate your talent and scale your achievements upward.


Call (612) 547-9160 to set up consulting, training, or coaching. Elevate your ability to produce positive results and shift culture. There’s a difference between learning and doing. Catapult good intentions into action. Thrive.


Once we have or can refer you to (hopefully) the right services, we customize as needed and execute a game-winning plan!

Frequently Asked Questions

We make things as simple as possible! With our “multi-tiered” approach, we design business systems and personal growth strategies to evolve progressively, helping clients understand essential underpinnings at the personal, interpersonal, and organization levels before more complex systems can be implemented successfully.

Even then, at complex stages, we use a process aligning Bloom’s Taxonomy and Norman Webb’s Depth-of-Knowledge levels (DoK) to ensure our trainings apply adequate rigor and learning to get to the root of people challenges, provoke rich dialogue, prevent unnecessary work avoidance or “fight or flight” behaviors and leave learners refreshed, breaking barriers, and with new intelligence to overcome obstacles at the individual and team levels.

How do we scale our efforts to move from "one person to many?"

We work with your leadership to introduce an online coaching platform where your teammates can access the same tools and strategies as you! We make sure whatever strategic planning we do is in alignment with your organization’s vision and includes thoughtful feedback from every stakeholder group possible! Everything is based on a predictable measurement and implementation model that helps safeguard organizational integrity. Contact us for details.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with anyone who believes—whether as a consumer or buyer of our services—they can be helped. Principals, doctors, lawyers, etc. are free to use our services. Categories are not exclusive.

That being said…

Typical Buyers

  • Business Owners
  • Parents

Typical Consumers

  • Young Adult Professionals
  • Teenagers
How do you determine time and cost of service(s)?

As with most ventures of this type, there are multiple variables. We do our best to write a complete proposal from a “best-case-scenario” perspective—then we work with you on individual aspects, if needed, to get within your budget. Also, for more individualized services, you may find some set prices.

What takes the place of on-site training?

We have a dedicated space we can access to facilitate off-site programs and training for your organization as needed! Contact us for details.

Who gets training?

Well, we not only work with business owners and parents, but those who are influenced by them. We provide a variety of training to help ensure not only that those in position of authority are growing (though that’s where it should start), but that there are applicable skills and personal development strategies that will increase the capacity and output of individuals, teams, and teenagers at home.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! We realize that most people are underpaid for their work. We’ve developed a coaching platform to not only be a bridge of support between different service offerings, but also as a means to build community, practice our tools, get insights, and make a few dollars! Go HERE for more information! Tell your colleagues about the impact our services have on your life and/or team/organization. Send testimonials to info@upward4life.com! Look at a few more below this section.

Marius is an incredibly gifted leader! After attending his session on Restorative Practices I knew I had to recruit his leadership for my school.

Some of the thank you e-mails from my staff included “His message was extremely powerful to me. I will take this with me into my personal, professional and student relationships. I am consumed by what he had to say.” “I wanted you to know that I really appreciated his message. He’s very authentic and you can tell it’s coming from his heart!” “Thank you for bringing Marius to our school!”

I highly recommend Marius and know he will work in collaboration with you to implement your organizational vision. Thank you Marius for your leadership in racial equity and awareness!

Penny Dupris

Assistant Principal, St. Louis Park High School

Marius is a dynamic, energetic, and highly effective facilitator and educator. He captivates his audience from the moment they walk in the door. I had the pleasure to be in his Exploring Restorative Practices for Student Success workshop. It was simply phenomenal! Marius was able to masterfully explain and demonstrate how successfully implementing restorative practices require a shift in mindset, where students’ and educators’ humanity is front and center. I truly believe I will be a better educator because of Marius’ teachings. If a school is looking to improve academic success of all scholars, improve staff morale and culture, and (re)instill love for self and others, then Marius is the man you need.

Daniel Perez

Social Worker

I attended a networking event where Marius was the presenter, speaking to us on the power of vision. His message was targeted and specific, and everyone immediately related well to it. His method of walking everyone through the process of applying vision to our own work and personal lives wasn’t the usual large-scale, big-picture vision conversation, but rather a detail-oriented and personal approach. It is the rare presentation like this that I see someone in the group have a revelation as part of the activity, but there was one lady in particular in our group who clearly resolved some internal conflict as a result of Marius’ presentation. I particularly enjoyed that he brought a genuinely happy and positive energy to the room that morning. I would highly recommend Marius for his work as a speaker and facilitator.

Aaron Nicklay

Agency Owner, Farmers Insurance

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