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There's a Force Against You

You’re not crazy. There are real spiritual forces working against you!

Feel Loved

Know why God’s presence means so much.

You're a World-Changer

You have a gift, and you can use it in the body of Christ and in the world.

Deal with Hurt Victoriously

Take the right perspective to make it through a storm.

Who Are My Allies?

Know the kind of people you want in your life!

Know God

Really understand how God thinks about you!

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Get Upward in Your Area! (Twin Cities, MN)

You don’t know what can happen when you get Marius in the room with ready-learners…greatness! Marius inspires thought through a 10-week experience going through the book Upward: Brave, & Free! Great for young adult audiences, teens, and others looking to make an impact. Marius uses the powerful Circle process to draw out participant/student voice, add to the learning atmosphere, inspire critical thinking, and get people moving in the right direction.

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