Restorative Practices

Thank you so much for your passionate workshop yesterday. Not only will your presentation guide me through my intended career path, but it will also strengthen my bonds within the community, with my friends, and also my family. You are doing the world a powerful service.

Tiana Daniels

Program Associate, Playworks Minnesota

I just wanted to say thank you for this morning. Our group just came from a week-long of workshops/ camp in California and my mental capacity was at its max—so I thought until your workshop this morning.

I had taken the strength finders test a few years ago, and one of my strengths happens to be restorative, so this workshop was super encouraging and helpful for me.

Ari Johnson

Athletic Coach

Thanks for an engaging and informative workshop on Restorative Practices on Monday! It would be great if all new teachers and reserves in the district received this training… I feel your passion.

It was especially inspiring to learn about the theory that underlies many of the practices I unwittingly applied over the years and explains why they work. Whether I was raised this way, or learned along the way, this proves to me that the traits needed to successfully implement restorative practices are completely reproducible.

Ken Shain

Teacher, District Cadre Staff, Minneapolis Public Schools

Business Development and Change Management

I attended a networking event where Marius was the presenter, speaking to us on the power of vision. His message was targeted and specific, and everyone immediately related well to it. His method of walking everyone through the process of applying vision to our own work and personal lives wasn’t the usual large-scale, big-picture vision conversation, but rather a detail-oriented and personal approach.

Aaron Nicklay

Agency Owner, Farmers Insurance

In preparation for the meeting, Marius personally met with our senior management team and had numerous conversations with our CEO in order to understand our company culture. I was very impressed with the depth of understanding Marius exhibited of knowing what makes people tick, how we think, and as a result, how we often respond. I think the understanding of that dynamic puts him in a class beyond many speakers.

Kevin Kuntz

Senior Vice President, TopLine Federal Credit Union

Marius came and spoke to my team about how to identify and draw out the god-given gifts of young people. His presentation was excellent. The information was detailed, on-point, thorough, well-supported, and delivered in a high-energy and personable communication style that made it engaging to listen to. His passion for young people is evident and that passion sparks a fire in others to go do good works and help others achieve their potential.

Michelle Livingston

Area Director, TreeHouse

Youth Engagement

We were very pleased with Mr. Massie’s presentation on Young, Gifted, and Powerful. He took our school’s demographics and mission in mind as he personalized his presentation for our school. Teachers were using what he spoke on as a talking piece with students for the rest of the week. His insights were greatly valuable for students.

Nathan Ziegler

Upper School Principal, Hope Academy

Marius was great to work with. He was very knowledgeable about the content and was extremely engaging with his audience. He built immediate rapport and related the content to their lives. Marius showed great commitment and conviction throughout the time I worked with him.

Michelle Collins

Director of Faith Formation, Advent Lutheran Church

Marius was a speaker for parents and youth on the topic ‘Discovering Your Purpose.’ Marius inspired our group to give ourselves permission to be great, go after our hearts’ desires, and not apologize for our purpose. Marius’ passion and love for the topic and people was evident. We were blessed to have Marius in our presence – He is truly a gift.

Shatona Groves

LGSW, Licensed School SW