My Story

“I don’t care if you fall 100 times, which I have; if you get up, refuse to quit, seek wise counsel, and fight to apply what you learn, you’ll see positive change in your life. That’s persistence.”

My first year in college was a challenge. I had reached academic probation; I couldn’t settle on a major; I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It was frustrating. I knew I was smart, but why couldn’t I excel like my classmates? I didn’t know I was dealing with ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) which made studying at the college level very hard.

I decided to become strategic. I developed a system to align my core talents and interests to form a vision. It propelled me forward. I gained momentum, started a campus organization, and even made the dean’s list! I was riding high! Later, I began my graduate program at the University of Minnesota.

Vision is powerful; however, it’s not enough.

After college, I had trouble finding stable employment. I bounced around…a lot. I tried entrepreneurship, car sales, even janitorial services! Nothing could keep my attention! Was I lazy? Did I really want to do the hard work to be successful?

The only area that I found any level of success was education. I loved teaching and being around students. I wanted to inspire them to be more. Unfortunately, there was a problem. wasn’t more. I wasn’t leading by example, so for a few years I quit trying to “speak” and focused on making my life better.

A few things came from that process: a life-skills program, an emotional IQ protocol, and a change management system. These all played a role in helping me stay on-track. I had a great deal of trauma (both self-inflicted and from others), so the process was difficult. However, I was able to make it through sharpening the tools I used and becoming a better more productive person bit by bit. It was a miracle!

Emotional trauma can carry deep wounds. If not handled properly, it can cause severe damage: self-hate, discouragement, depression, anger, addiction, failure, broken relationships (to name a few). I experienced all of these, and on two different occasions, I almost considered taking my life. I believe God had a different plan.

The tools I’ll be sharing with you are life-changing. They helped me overcome mental roadblocks and achieve emotional health despite my circumstances. We can’t always control what happens to us, but I’ve heard it said often that we can control our responses. That’s true, if we’re healthy. I want to help guide you as you take back control of your life.

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