Building Unordinary

Whole Man Trainer is building you as a weapon to shatter impossibilities.


Why I do it

Reason one

To ensure you build with the heart desires of your customers in mind.

Reason two

Because all kids deserve to excel and have the chance to fulfill their highest potentials.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

Because you should know Someone cares for you and is willing to move both heaven and earth to see you succeed.

My Work

I have a strong desire to hear you say, “I feel protected now” and “life-changing” so I ensure my methods are field-tested giving results.

If you like what I do and want to know more

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What my customers say

“Marius came and spoke to my team about how to identify and draw out the god-given gifts of young people. His presentation was excellent. The information was detailed, on-point, thorough, well-supported and delivered in a high-energy and personable communication style that made it engaging to listen to. His passion for young people is evident and that passion sparks a fire in others to go do good works and help others achieve their potential.”

Michelle Livingston | Area Director, TreeHouse

“His message was targeted and specific, and everyone immediately related well to it. His method of walking everyone through the process of applying vision to our own work and personal lives wasn’t the usual large-scale, big-picture vision conversations, but rather a detail-oriented and personal approach. It is the rare presentation like this that I see someone in the group have a revelation as part of the activity, but there was one lady in particular in our group who clearly resolved some internal conflict as a result of Marius’ presentation. I particularly enjoyed that he brought a genuinely happy and positive energy to the room that morning. I would highly recommend Marius for his work as a speaker and facilitator.”

Aaron Nicklay | Agency Owner, Farmers Insurance